Michael S. Wallace

Michael S. Wallace - Founder / Patient Safety Advocate / Volunteer Spokesperson

Michael S Wallace - Founder

A dedicated and results-driven Emergency Medical Services professional with 30 years of experience leading teams and continuously improving the patient experience. Demonstrates refined abilities at inspiring staff satisfaction by maintaining an encouraging, safe and accountable environment for every individual. Possesses excellent interpersonal communication skills and the ability to develop mutually beneficial internal and external relationships. Particular strengths in developing organizations, fostering a reassuring team atmosphere, leading clinical care, critical incident management, pediatric emergency medicine, and community education, disease prevention and reduction of re-admissions. Works effectively well under pressure with exceptional experience in emergency disaster intervention, mitigation and support services. Enjoys being part of, as well as leading and motivating others to thrive in highly pressurized and challenging working environments.

Mr. Wallace is currently licensed as a TN Critical Care Paramedic and is credentialed by the State as an EMS Program Director. He holds instructor qualifications across multiple disciplines and is an accomplished clinician, educator, manager and leader. Michael is known for his passionate advocacy of high performance EMS systems and patient safety initiatives that substantially improve outcomes. He currently serves as co-founder of The RightDose Foundation and inventor of the RightDose Pediatric and Adult Drug Dosing Guide.

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