What Drives Us

Our Purpose

The RightDoseTM Pediatric & Adult Drug Dosing Guide was created and developed with the understanding that “to err is human” and every life counts. Simply stated that’s what we are all about - and the foundation of all we do. We believe that excellent process, supported by meaningful training and great providers, will result in outstanding patient care.

We operate under the belief that collaboration, the power of many and the strength and skill of others, will affect great change. We are focused on “making a difference” – working with many and helping them rethink what they do and how they do it. It is our hope that by promoting change in a creative and shared environment, “purpose maximizers” will be encouraged to achieve higher quality outcomes in the emergency medical care industry.

Our Values

We believe that our combined success, yours and ours, is directly impacted by the values we practice running our business on a daily basis. Our team shares the following values that govern our interactions with Caregivers, Organizations, Sponsors/Partners, Suppliers and each other.

HIGH QUALITY OUTCOMES - We are responsive to the individual needs of those we serve, providing quality workmanship and outputs using ethical, thought-provoking methods.

TEAMWORK - We share responsibility for the success of those we serve by providing solutions through clear communication, respect, and cooperation. 

QUICK, TIMELY SERVICE - We build trustworthy relationships with those we serve by responding promptly and effectively to their needs.

SIMPLEXITY - We believe in the power of Common Sense - always looking for simple solutions and powerful outcomes that address the troubling statement “we’ve always done it that way.'

HAVING FUN! - We are engaged and passionate about all we do. What we do is not work – it’s satisfaction by serving.