Why Use RightDose?

We are passionate about helping you administer the right dose of medication every time! A critical component of providing quality care is supporting your team with the tools they need to deliver excellence and protect them from making mistakes. Learn more...

Design Innovation

RightDose craftsmen field tested a new innovative 'drug based' approach to the traditional 'weight based' approach that has been popularized with the 'Broslew Tape'. In this new model, each page represents a single drug and lists all the doses for that drug by weight. This new approach has been proven to provide four important advantages... Learn more...

Results from using the RightDose Guide

Within the first twenty four hours of deployment, the dosing guide notebook was utilized by a highly experienced team of providers to administer multiple medications to a seriously ill child. The most obvious benefit was the patient outcome, but the more striking part of the incident was the impact it had on the providers involved. Read more...

To Err is Human

  • Medical mistakes in U.S. hospitals account for up to 98,000 deaths annually and are considered one of the top ten leading causes of death.
  • Medication errors occurring in or out of the hospital are estimated to account for over 7,000 deaths annually.
  • Mistakes that cause harm but not death are estimated to be 10 times the death rate.
  • Most errors are caused not by bad providers but by faulty systems, processes, and conditions that lead people to make mistakes or fail to prevent them.
Kohn, LT, Corrigan, JM & Donaldson MS (Eds). To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System. The National Academies Press: Washington, D.C., 2000

The insanity of calculations at the point of care

From the clinician’s perspective this statement might feel offensive. We train for years to build confidence in our skills in order to exceed the expectations of our patients by delivering safe, effective care. Most medical providers are inspired to make a difference and always work hard at being vigilant. Dosing calculations and medication administration is serious business and all practitioners are expected to deliver flawlessly. After all, the mainstay of medicine is "primum non nocere," first do no harm. Read more...


RightDose has announced the availability of e-RightDose™ for Windows devices including ToughBook (Windows 7, 8 and 10). These new apps provide the same accurate, approved dosing information as the hard-copy Dosing Guide. They provide instant access to critical information at the point of care. e-RightDose apps are immediately updated with your changes to drug doses and protocols. e-RightDose apps use the same data that is printed in your RightDose Dosing Guide.

e-RightDose is a great tool for paramedics and emergency workers. It truly enables them to achieve their goal and ours, which is to ensure that every patient gets the right dose of medication – every time!" said Bob Steele, RightDose co-founder. PRESS RELEASE

Founder Michael Wallace

“As a high performance hospital based EMS system leader with nearly three decades of experience I can tell you without any doubt that we are all incredibly vulnerable to making medication errors and there is none more at risk to the potentially devastating results than our children. RightDose is a simple tool that can drastically improve the accuracy and efficiency of medication administration, in the middle of patient care, for any clinician regardless of the environment (EMS, clinic or hospital)”
Founder Michael Wallace

EMS Medical Director

"Medication errors in EMS are a growing concern, currently compounded by medication shortages and rapidly changing medical practices. The RightDose Pediatric and Adult Drug Dosing Guide provides a highly reliable method to ensure the proper dosing for each patient, and removes the human error potential often seen in the chaotic EMS environment. I believe this tool will reduce errors, provide better patient care, and ensure the best medicine to each of our patients."
Joe Holley, MD, FACEP
State of Tennessee EMS Medical Director

ER Medical Director

"The RightDose Pediatric and Adult Drug Dosing Guide is a huge benefit to all community providers in that it allows standardization of care, minimizes the chance for medication errors, and provides the safest, most efficient administration of medications to patients."
Andy Russell, MD
ER Medical Director
Williamson Medical Center

Kevin Brinkmann, MD Pediatric Critical Care

I see the RightDose Dosing Guide as a clear and concise reference for professionals from all disciplines. Medication dosing is a well known source of medical error that all medical teams are keenly aware of. This guide is one that teams can confidently use to reduce medication dosing errors and improve delivery of care to both adult and pediatric patients.
East TN Children's Hospital & UT Medical Center
President Tenesee Emergency Medical Services for Children Foundation

Dr. Rita Westbrook MD, Emergency Medicine Doctor

One of the most common mistakes made in pediatrics is with medication dosing, which occurs in hospitals, offices and EMS. In children, the doses are weight based and it is easy to make a calculation error in the best of conditions. But in an emergency this task becomes extremely difficult, even for the most experienced provider. Over the past years I have been watching the development of the RightDose medication dosing system and have been extremely impressed by both the program and its developers.

The RightDose system was initially developed to decrease the medication errors made by local EMS providers in the developer’s own region but with time, it has become apparent that this product needs to be shared with anyone who cares for pediatric patients. As past president of TN EMSC Foundation and TN Committee on Pediatric Care and as a practicing pediatric emergency physician, I see great potential for the RightDose system to help decrease medication errors. This product may be used on ambulances, in offices and even in hospitals. I have reviewed it numerous times and believe that it can really make a difference – improving the care of our children by decreasing the medication errors that are often made.
East Tennessee Children's Hospital

Custom Dose Guide

Using your organization's
  • Protocols
  • Medications
  • Doses
  • Concentrations
  • Notes
  • Pre-calculates exact dose in ml of fluid
  • Reduces apprehension, stress, anxiety and uncertainty
  • Quicker/Easier/More Precise - than doing the math
  • Intuitive to use and understand
  • Laminated/Washable Pages
  • Coil bound for easy page updates
  • Lays flat on all surfaces

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