Joe Holley, MD, FACEP State of Tennessee EMS Medical Director ER Medical Director

"Medication errors in EMS are a growing concern, currently compounded by medication shortages and rapidly changing medical practices. The RightDose Pediatric and Adult Drug Dosing Guide provides a highly reliable method to ensure the proper dosing for each patient, and removes the human error potential often seen in the chaotic EMS environment. I believe this tool will reduce errors, provide better patient care, and ensure the best medicine to each of our patients."

Andy Russell, MD ER Medical Director, Williamson Medical Center,Franklin TN

"The RightDose Pediatric and Adult Drug Dosing Guide is a huge benefit to all community providers in that it allows standardization of care, minimizes the chance for medication errors, and provides the safest, most efficient administration of medications to patients."

Kevin Brinkmann, MD Pediatric Critical Care, East TN Children's Hospital & UT Medical Center President Tennessee Emergency Medical Services for Children Foundation

I see the RightDose Dosing Guide as a clear and concise reference for professionals from all disciplines. Medication dosing is a well known source of medical error that all medical teams are keenly aware of. This guide is one that teams can confidently use to reduce medication dosing errors and improve delivery of care to both adult and pediatric patients.

Dr. Rita Westbrook MD, Emergency Medicine Doctor, East Tennessee Children's Hospital

One of the most common mistakes made in pediatrics is with medication dosing, which occurs in hospitals, offices and EMS. In children, the doses are weight based and it is easy to make a calculation error in the best of conditions. But in an emergency this task becomes extremely difficult, even for the most experienced provider. Over the past years I have been watching the development of the RightDose medication dosing system and have been extremely impressed by both the program and its developers.

The RightDose system was initially developed to decrease the medication errors made by local EMS providers in the developer’s own region but with time, it has become apparent that this product needs to be shared with anyone who cares for pediatric patients. As past president of TN EMSC Foundation and TN Committee on Pediatric Care and as a practicing pediatric emergency physician, I see great potential for the RightDose system to help decrease medication errors. This product may be used on ambulances, in offices and even in hospitals. I have reviewed it numerous times and believe that it can really make a difference – improving the care of our children by decreasing the medication errors that are often made.