1. How long does it take from start to finish to create your team's fully customized dosing guide?
    We’ve had clients go through the process in less than a month. The time required to complete is very dependent on your organization’s involvement. We strongly recommend assigning a ‘project leader’ to keep the project to a timeframe.
  2. How do we handle drug shortages when we need to change meds, doses or concentrations?
    The books are coil bound so that pages can easily be removed and replaced when protocols are changed or updated. With recent drug shortages, the issue of updating has become more prevalent. Some clients have opted to create a “substitute” section in the back of the book in which they “plan” for drug substitutions due to shortages. We can help you develop your own solution – contact us.
  3. Mobile apps automatically check the organizations database and update any drug that has been changed since the last time the app was opens. Mobile users will always have the exact data, doses and concentrations as they exists in your database.
  4. What mobile apps are currently available?
    Windows 7/8/10 desktop and touchscreen versions are currently available as well as an iPad version. The iPhone version will be released shortly.
  5. Can my drug selections and information be exported in a file format?
    The RightDose WebApp allows you to export all your data in formats that can then be accessed by popular office suites.