What's it Cost?

The RightDoseTM Pediatric and Adult Drug Dosing Guides/Apps are priced on variables related to the size of your organization and the quantity dosing guides desired. Apps come with unlimited user licenses based and can be used on company or personal equipment. Pricing is structured to make the guides affordable across a wide variety of needs – from the smallest to the largest of organizations.

Number of Copies - Hardcopy guides are $85 each for up to 50 instances (see below) of drugs. All pages from cover to cover are laminated to protect against wear and fluids. The current 5 ½ x 8 ½ flip guides are practical and easy to store and use in any environment.  They are rapidly accessible and the organized layout helps the clinician find the information they in a matter of seconds, keeping them focused on the timely delivery of care, not the worry of doing the math.

Number Of Drug Uses/Instances - The number of pages in each guide is dependent on the number of medications or “instances of use” of a medication. For example, an Epinephrine dose / concentration configured for Cardiac Arrest, an Epinephrine dose configured for Anaphylaxis and an Epinephrine dose configured for Bradycardia would require three separate pages – and would be counted as three Uses / Instances. A typical guide would contain 35 to 50 drugs / uses. Each additional drug Use/Instance over 50 is $.75 per drug per guide.

User Size and Volume– EMS system size is commonly measured by “annual call volume” while Emergency Departments, clinics and Doctor’s offices are measured by “annual visits.”

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