How to Get Involved

Creator and founder Michael Wallace and co-founder Bob Steele are passionate about providing this priceless solution to as many organizations as possible – our vision is limitless. This is a universal solution to a universal problem. As expressed our value statement:

“We operate under the belief that collaboration, the power of many and the strength of others, will affect great change. We are focused on ‘making a difference’– by working with many to help them rethink what they do and how they do it. It is our hope that by promoting a changing, creative and shared environment, ‘purpose maximizers’ will be encouraged to achieve higher quality outcomes in the emergency medical care industry."

Are you a “purpose maximizer?” Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others? Then consider joining forces with us. We need your creativity, time and if you are so inclined, your financial support – to expand the reach of this project to as many as possible, as quickly as possible. Please Contact Us for additional information.