The RightDose Foundation, Inc.

In 2012, after three years of research and development on the dosing guide, Michael Wallace and co-founder Bob Steele formed RDF Holdings, LLC to supply custom dosing guides to any organization that recognized the need for more accurate pediatric dosing. Concurrently the two founders, on a mission to make a difference, formed The RightDose Foundation, a non-profit organization designed specifically to help budget strapped organizations deploy the RightDose Pediatric & Adult Drug Dosing Guide. The Guide is a valuable resource to help healthcare providers deliver the best care possible to children and adults. The Foundation’s creators wanted no financial obstacle to stand in the way of any organization obtaining one of these Guides for their ambulance, emergency room, hospital, clinic or doctor’s office.

The RightDose Foundation, Inc. is actively seeking sponsorships, contributions and grants from individuals, groups, municipalities, institutions, corporations and healthcare organizations.

In addition, we suggest local community service organizations such as the Lions Club, Rotary Club, Kiwanis and others help raise funds to pay for the creation and production of the guide books. The fund raising activity is an excellent opportunity for local organizations to create positive community interactions and to help deploy this life-saving tool to budget strapped emergency and healthcare providers as quickly as possible.

If individuals or organizations in your community are willing to help sponsor or fund the deployment of this tool in your community, please contact us.